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For Founders, By Founders: 5 Inspiring New Startup Podcasts

Building a startup is challenging, whether you’re a founder or an early team member. Many decisions must be made, including raising funding, organizing your team, and more. We hear countless success stories with massive IPOs and purchases every week. But what makes a startup successful and stand out amongst its peers? The best place to start is by listening to founders going through the motions as we speak. And one of the best ways to do that, in our opinion, is through podcasts.

Podcasts are a great way to learn. Sitting on a five-hour flight with nothing to do? In those five hours, you can learn how to supercharge your startup (or start one if you haven’t already). Here are five brand-new hidden gem startup podcasts that’ll inspire you to build the startup of your dreams.

Startup Showdown

About the podcast

The folks over at the Startup Showdown Podcast know startups…really well. That’s because it’s run by Startup Showdown, a monthly startup competition where entrepreneurs worldwide compete for $120,000 in funding. Their podcast is a great place for new entrepreneurs to learn about the foundations of building a startup, from pitching, raising funding, and scaling. Guests include past winners, mentors, advisors, and guest judges.

Episode Highlights

This brand new podcast releases episodes every few weeks. Some highlights include episodes with Kevin Mobolade, Founder of Swipe Credit, Tim Dorr, Managing Director of TechStars and Co-Founder of Salesloft, and Rebecca Taylor, Co-Founder and COO of GoCoach. Check out Startup Showdown here.

The Founder Files

About the podcast

The Founder Files is a great place to listen to in-depth, guest-focused interviews with a great set of entrepreneurs. This podcast is a great listen for those looking to learn more about diverse topics and entrepreneurs, from software and consulting to small businesses and even a nightclub. This is a great podcast to learn about the values and attitudes that have built great startups.

Episode highlights

Episodes of this podcast range from developing remote workplaces in Africa with Simon Ellis, Co-Founder, and CEO of SmartWage, to Francois de Villiers, a musician and Co-Founder of the nightclub and recording studio Sognage. Listen to The Founder Files here.

Founder Female Friday

About the podcast

Founder Female Friday is a high-quality and important podcast highlighting the amazing things female entrepreneurs and small business owners have accomplished. Women have built amazing things, and this podcast does a great job at showcasing a wide selection. Hosted by Lindsay White, this podcast is also not afraid to dive deep into women’s struggles in the world of startups.

Episode highlights

This podcast is a bit older than others on this list, so there’s a great selection of options. Some highlights include Dawn O’Connor, the Founder of Focus Bubbles, and renowned psychologist and bestselling author Dr. Leslie Bosch. Check it out here.

About the podcast

This hot-off-the-press podcast is a great opportunity to be one of the first to listen to a brand new podcast from the ground up. Alex Theororou’s concise list of guests is thoughtful, and the conversations are fascinating. With a focus on small businesses run by experts, the Start Up Sit Down podcast offers a glimpse into the world of specialists.

Episode highlights

Both episodes so far are fantastic and include a great discussion with Jaz Heck, an Occupational Therapist who shares her story of building a business designed to empower those living with visual impairment. Take a listen here.

From Code to Company

About the podcast

From Code to Company is a brand new podcast that delves deep into the makings of great software startups. Hosted by two industry veterans, From Code to Company offers the opportunity to hear amazing startup success stories, guided by amazing hosts. The podcast discusses some of the biggest topics in the software industry, including the best ways to build software and software teams, open source, and more. Check it out to hear exclusive interviews and unheard stories from some of the most experienced people in the industry.

From Code to Company is hosted by two industry experts, which gives it an edge. For one, the hosts can ask deep, insightful questions that get down to the core of what makes a startup great. Because of this, this podcast is a great place to hear about guests’ most significant takeaways and struggles when building a startup.

Episode highlights

Since it started a couple of months ago, the library is concise, but every episode is worth a listen. One highlight includes first-hand experience navigating the modern (and remote) workplace by building an employee-focused culture with Sven Efftinge, Co-Founder and Co-CEO of GitPod. Also, listen to Tracy Miranda, Head of Open Source at Chainguard, delve into why open source is the best way to build a more secure world. Check out the podcast here.

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