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Announcing New Prices for our Cloud Plans

Announcing New Prices for our Cloud Plans

At ZenHub, we believe project management should be lightweight, flexible, and close to the code. Over the last five years, we have delivered numerous iterations and features to help our customers manage projects better and ship faster. Starting January 2nd 2020, we’ll be adjusting prices to more accurately reflect the value provided by the ZenHub platform.

The following new prices* will take effect on January 2nd, 2020:

Monthly Growth Plan: $10 per user, per month.
Annual Growth Plan: $95 per user, billed annually (20% discount over monthly plan)

Evolution and transformation of our product

We have evolved from an issue management tool into a complete project management and roadmapping solution yet the pricing hasn’t changed since the inception of Zenhub in 2015 (other than to make our product free for open source teams and students). Our product has a compelling feature set suited for different personas ranging from engineers and scrum masters to product owners and business executives. We’ve delivered a number of core features to help drive success for your teams.

  • Better long-term planning:
    The introduction of ZenHub Roadmaps, the first roadmap solution inside of GitHub that gives every stakeholder across the company an accurate and up-to-date view into the progress of business critical software projects. Teams can plan and visualize all their projects, intuitively understanding how they’re making progress through automatic updates.

  • Capture data-driven insights:
    ZenHub’s powerful reporting suite includes five reports. Whether it’s understanding if a project is on track or uncovering bottlenecks before they become a blocker, ZenHub gives teams and stakeholders data-driven insights to improve their agile development process.

  • Flexibility for every team:
    ZenHub is available on all web and mobile browsers where the entire team can get complete visibility into the development process while developers get to work in an environment they love and are most productive in. Thanks to Workspaces, our customers can create different workflows using the same GitHub repository and each team can work in the way that fits their Agile methodology and specific needs.

  • Keep priorities clear:
    Features like Issue Priority convey an element of urgency, allowing team members to have a clear understanding of the priority of different Issues. ZenHub Epics enable grouping multiple GitHub Issues together for better planning and tracking.

Continuous commitment to building great features

Our team works hard to deliver the most impactful features and continuously improve the product to help our customers release better software faster. Check out upcoming features on our Product Roadmap.

Get in touch

We wouldn’t be here without you and we’d like to thank you for your continued support. If you have any questions or concerns regarding this price increase, please do not hesitate to reach out to support@zenhub.com. Our team is more than happy to discuss how our new pricing will apply to your team.

*Please note: customers on free plans (e.g. personal GitHub accounts, or Organizations using public repos) will not be impacted—these plans will continue to be free. This also does not affect customers on our Enterprise plan (both cloud-hosted and on-premise).

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