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Change(b)log: Integrate ZenHub with Gitter, HipChat, and more.

Welcome to Changelog: the series in which we highlight the new features you’re going to love. Don’t worry – we’ll still update our regular changelog.

Let’s kick things off with advanced filters!

Filter issues by Not:

the NOT issue filter in action
We’re continuing to improve your advanced task boards. You can already filter your Boards by GitHub Label, Milestone, Assignee, and Repository. Now you’ll additionally be able to filter dimensions out with the not filter.

Start typing n to active the not: tag. You can then combine regular filters as well as exclusions for a more zoomed-in view to the issues you care most about.

Integrate ZenHub with (almost) anything

example of how file and status sharing works with ZenHub's Slack integration
We released a Slack integration a while back, and then were shocked to discover there are teams in existence who don’t use Slack. (Whaaat?)

If you use Gitter, HipChat, Spark, or something totally custom, we’ve got you. On the Dashboard’s new Integrations tab, you can configure ZenHub to post important project changes to third-party services.

ZenHub Slack integration

The integration will keep you updated on key project changes so you can stay in the loop across any device. You can be updated when…

  • An issue changes from one pipeline to another (i.e. from "Backlog" to "In Progress")
  • An estimate is set, updated, or cleared
  • An issue is reprioritized (moved up or down in a pipeline)

To add a new integration, just navigate to the ZenHub Dashboard, click Integrations, and choose a service to integrate with.

Select the repository you’d like to integrate, then follow the instructions to generate a webhook. (You’ll notice the "How to create a webhook" link updates dynamically based on the service you’ve selected. For Slack, you have the option of using the simple "Add to Slack" button.)

You can add an optional description for the integration. Finally, add the webhook to complete the integration!

Learn more about Integrations here.

Extending our API with Epics data

Happy day! We’ve expanded our API to include Epics endpoints. Get the documentation here.

Here’s a samplin’ of what you can get with ZenHub’s API:

  • Individual GitHub issues (estimates; issue location on the Board)

  • Your ZenHub Boards (Pipeline names and the issues contained in each; issue numbers, positions, and estimates)

  • ZenHub Events (The ZenHub-specific history of issues over time: their time estimates and movement across pipelines)

  • Epics (Total estimate value, the epics’ issue information, and more…)

Are you using the ZenHub API? How? We’d love to hear.

What other improvements do you want to see? Let us know!

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