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Introducing the Closed Issue Pipeline

Introducing the Closed Issue Pipeline

moving a task to the closed issue pipeline on a ZenHub Kanban board

We’re excited to announce the Closed Issue Pipeline! This feature provides a snapshot of team progress – without navigating away from the Board view.

This feature was debated back in our early discussions. To keep teams focused, Boards should be streamlined and contain only the information necessary to get things done. Would a Closed Issue Pipeline pass the test? If popular demand in our public repo is any indication, it has!

Requests for the Closed Issue Pipeline generally fall into two categories. Firstly, users want to see how far they've come. GitHub user @Colinbentley (Product Manager at Intercom) commented, "It's a good way to be able to show all the completed work on a Board, so you don't lose context of the great work that you've succeeded in doing.”

ZenHub users also want to easily review closed Issues in weekly meetings and post mortems. As @luan-cestari (senior software engineer at Red Hat) commented, β€œWe would like all the Issues displayed so we could manage the closed Issues as well (maybe they will need a review).”

a look at how easy it is to review even closed issues

How it works

To keep ZenHub Boards clutter free, the Closed Issue Pipeline can be hidden via the checkbox at the top of the Board. When the box is checked, the pipeline appears on the far right.

This pipeline is also interactive. Dragging Issues into this pipeline will close them, while dragging them out will re-open them! Plus, it can be filtered like the rest of the Board – by Label, Assignee or Milestone.

Thanks to everyone who contributes ideas to our public repo. Tell us your thoughts @ZenHubHQ!

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