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JIRA Server End-of-Life: Migrating to Zenhub On-Premise

Back in 2021, Atlassian, the company behind Jira, announced it will be phasing out its server products, including Jira Software Server, Bitbucket Server, and Confluence Server:

Starting from February 2021, no new server licenses will be sold, and from February 2024, support for all server products will end. Official notice here. 

While this may be old news, its official end is now a mere six months away – a big change that will have many teams scrambling in the coming quarters. And, because on-premise hosting is primarily used to enhance security, what on-premise teams will do next isn’t going to be a decision anyone will take lightly. 

Of course, change doesn’t have to be a terrible thing. This is a great time for Jira teams to reflect on whether or not the tool has been working for them. We’ve talked to countless teams using Jira who’ve said that Jira overcomplicates their workflows, integrates poorly with GitHub, and requires too many plug-ins. Time for a switch? Perhaps. 

Luckily, Zenhub has an on-premise version we are not planning on getting rid of anytime soon. Thank goodness! So, if you’re interested in learning more about Zenhub as a Jira alternative and how users will be impacted by the Jira server’s end-of-life, read on. 

How will JIRA server end-of-life impact you? 

The changes to Jira server products primarily impact teams currently using Atlassian’s server products –  these are typically small to large businesses that prefer to host data on-premises rather than in the cloud. These organizations will likely be impacted by significant cost increases if wanting to maintain similar security measures through Atlassian’s only non-cloud option, Atlassian Data Center. If staying with Jira, these organizations may also choose to move to the cloud, leaving their sensitive data in a more vulnerable state than previously. 

Alternatively, these folks could move to a different platform that meets their security and project management needs. We recommend Zenhub (*cough cough*).

What is Zenhub?

Zenhub is a powerful project management tool for software teams designed to improve team collaboration and streamline workflows. Software teams love Zenhub because of its: 

    • Seamless Integration with GitHub: Zenhub’s best-in-class integration with GitHub means developers can manage issues, pull requests, and projects all within GitHub’s interface, reducing context-switching and making onboarding into Zenhub a breeze.
    • Enhanced Project Transparency: Zenhub’s reporting features provide key insights into project timelines, progress, and productivity metrics, offering a strong foundation for informed decision-making.
    • Agile-Friendly: With its support for agile methodologies like Scrum and Kanban, and unique features like asynchronous Planning Poker for storypoint estimation, Zenhub enables a flexible approach to agile development. 
    • AI & Automation: Zenhub’s AI and Automation features, like Workflow Automation and AI labels, save teams tons of time and ensure greater data hygiene. Our AI solutions are constantly evolving as this technology improves – learn more here. 

Just like Jira Server, Zenhub On-Premise also offers robust capabilities for agile project management. These include features such as multi-repo task boards, epics, and reports for velocity, burndown, and cumulative flow. Of course, Zenhub On-Premise shares a critical attribute with Jira Server – the option for self-hosting. This means that teams can host Zenhub On-Premise on their own servers, allowing for enhanced data control and security. This is particularly beneficial for organizations with stringent compliance requirements.

JIRA server alternatives: Zenhub on-premise, and who it’s for

Zenhub On-Premise is a self-hosted project management tool designed to meet the needs of those organizations that prefer to keep their data on their own servers for security or compliance reasons. It brings the power of Zenhub, with its agile planning and tracking capabilities, right into your own infrastructure. Zenhub On-Premise is primarily for teams and organizations of various sizes that have stringent data security and compliance requirements. This includes businesses in highly regulated industries, government agencies, and enterprises with strict internal security policies. It’s also a great fit for those who want to have complete control over their data and its management.

Why Choose Zenhub for On-Premise Hosting?

In today’s data-driven world, protecting your organization’s sensitive information is paramount. Zenhub On-Premise’s self-hosting abilities give you ultimate control over your data, ensuring it remains within your own firewall and infrastructure. This control is not just about location but about access, data management, and fulfillment of compliance requirements.

Both Zenhub Cloud and Zenhub On-Premise are SOC 2 certified, an internationally recognized standard demonstrating a service provider’s commitment to implementing and following strict data security measures. This certification assures that Zenhub has robust security controls in place to protect your data and maintain its integrity.

Zenhub’s commitment to data privacy and security, coupled with its seamless integration with GitHub and versatile project management capabilities, makes it a compelling choice for teams that prioritize data control and privacy in their project management tool.

Better yet, Zenhub is committed to supporting our on-premise customers who have advanced security needs and has no plans on phasing out our on-premise solution. So, you don’t need to worry about transitioning anytime soon!

Want to learn more about Zenhub On-Premise? We’d love to chat!

If you’re considering transitioning from Jira to Zenhub On-Premise, our dedicated sales team will guide you through the process. We understand that every organization has unique needs and challenges, and we’re committed to making your transition to Zenhub as seamless as possible. Don’t hesitate to reach out to our sales team today to discuss the opportunities Zenhub On-Premise can offer to your organization. Book a demo here.

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