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Multiple File Uploads Are Here: A quick guide

Multiple File Uploads Are Here: A quick guide

Update: We slowly phased out this feature after GitHub began extending its own file uploads in February 2016.

We’re excited to announce our newest feature: Multiple File Uploads.

Without ZenHub, adding multiple files into issues is a burdensome process, forcing users to flip back and forth between other tools.

ZenHub allows you to upload any file type in GitHub. Now, you can upload multiple files at once. It’s the first of many new features to come in 2015!

It’s pretty intuitive, but here’s a quick guide.

You can drag and drop files right into issues. Note: To upload, be sure to drop your files in the Powered by ZenHub box. Alternatively, you can click the box to select files.
drag and drop files right into issues

See? We told you it was a quick guide.

How to make the most of integrated file sharing in GitHub

Multi-file uploads enable integrated file sharing in GitHub, helping you make the most of your existing investment in the tool. Here’s how our entire team unites on GitHub:

Dev team? Quickly upload requirement documentation; share data and analytics with your team.

Design team? Distribute all the elements of your rebranding project at once for comments and suggestions.

Marketing team? Planning your next big event is simple. Get faster feedback on your research in GitHub.

Recruiting team? Empower collaborative hiring processes. Upload candidate portfolios, resumes, and cover letters in one go.

Our product roadmap is shaped by what our users want to see next. Add your thoughts in our GitHub repository...your dream feature may be next.

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