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ZenHub is free for small teams

ZenHub is free for small teams

In celebration of surpassing 1500+ companies using ZenHub, we’re announcing a new plan  today — small teams can get started on ZenHub for free.

This change is a reflection of our evolving business. In the past year, we’ve seen incredible traction from large businesses, growing teams, and enterprise companies. Thousands of teams rely on ZenHub, from tech powerhouses like Docker and Rackspace, to iconic organizations like Adobe, Comcast, and NASA's Jet Propulsion laboratory.

While we continue focusing on this area, we haven't forgotten about our community of small teams. Starting a business is hard enough, and a mounting pile of bills is one more thing to worry about.

Previously, using ZenHub on private GitHub repositories required paid licenses regardless of team size. Now, teams of five and under have full access to ZenHub’s features – from advanced, Multi-Repository boards, to an expanded reporting suite, Epics, a Slack integration, and way more, across unlimited GitHub repositories. If you’re paying for ZenHub with a team of five or less, good news: you won't get a bill from us next month.

Businesses are increasingly encouraging developers to choose tools that help them do their best work. Today, “enterprise software” no longer means “bloated”, but large teams do have needs that other's don't. We’re excited to meet those needs while eliminating the barrier to entry to get started. Small teams will always be dear to our hearts, and this is our way of saying thanks.

In addition to this plan, we have shipped a major performance refactor – making ZenHub over 5x faster and dramatically more scalable – and are now full steam ahead building new features. 🎉

Will you help get the word out?

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What if my team has five users this month, but grows to six?

Congrats on your growing team! Teams of six or more qualify for our Growth plan at $5/user/month. You'll be prompted to purchase licenses if you're using ZenHub with more than five people on private repositories.

I already pay for ZenHub with five users. Will I qualify for the free plan?

Yup! You won't get any further charges from us.

What about open source users?

ZenHub is still free for unlimited users on public (open source) repos. And just like before, non-profits and students can reach out for a free license – just email support@zenhub.com.

How can I tell how many users we have?

Simply visit the ZenHub Dashboard, click the GitHub organization you'd like to view, then click the "Users" tab. You'll see whether your organization members are licensed or unlicensed. Administrators can add or remove licenses here.

How do trials work?

Every team that downloads ZenHub starts off on a two-week, unlimited-license trial. That means you can use ZenHub with as many team members as you like, so invite everybody!

After your two weeks are up, you can either choose to continue using ZenHub free with five (or fewer) users, or you can purchase licenses for a larger team.

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