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Worried About Atlassian’s Acquisition of Trello? Join the World’s Best Software Teams Using ZenHub and GitHub

First thing this morning news broke that Trello is being acquired by Atlassian. Following the announcement, the Twitterverse has had quite a lot to say:

First, we’re sincerely happy for the founders of Trello. It’s always exciting to hear about a successful technology acquisition take place! But if you’re one of the many project managers or developers now worried that Trello will become as clunky as JIRA, it’s time to join the world’s best software teams who use ZenHub.

ZenHub and ZenHub Enterprise integrate natively inside of GitHub and GitHub Enterprise respectively, completely eliminating the need to work between two separate interfaces. Developers stay happy and remain close to the code in GitHub, and project managers enjoy speed, transparency and the frictionless collaboration they’ve always dreamed of.

zenhub overview of multiple screens

ZenHub grew substantially in 2016, tripling in size on both our small-medium sized business and Enterprise products. Our roster of customers includes the likes of Microsoft, Adobe, Starbucks, Comcast, Docker, VMware, and Sony to name a few.

How ZenHub compares to Trello

zenhub vs trello comparison

See our full ZenHub and Trello comparison page.

How ZenHub compares to JIRA

zenhub vs jira comparison

See our full ZenHub and JIRA comparison page.

Onwards and upwards

This is a truly exciting morning for the team here at ZenHub. The acquisition announcement today only further validates our mission, and we remain motivated to reach new heights!

We also can’t go without taking the opportunity to thank our loyal customer base who provide us with invaluable feedback, allowing us to continue making ZenHub an even stronger platform.

If you’re new to us, go ahead and download ZenHub for free.

Thank you for reading! We’d be more than happy to answer your questions on Twitter @ZenHubHQ or email us directly.

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