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New Slack integration: Notify your team about key project updates

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Zenhub’s new Slack integration notifies you in real time about important project updates, on any device. By integrating Zenhub with Slack, your team will stay in the loop about key GitHub activity. Get started by following the steps below!

Adding Zenhub’s Slack integration is simple. Begin by navigating to the new Slack tab on Zenhub’s Dashboard. Choose which repository you wish to connect. Then, click “generate a hook here” to be directed to, where you’ll generate a unique webhook.

adding the Zenhub integration to Slack

Here, you’ll choose which Slack channel in which to display Zenhub notifications. Then click “Add Incoming Webhooks Integration” to generate a webhook URL (for example, “http://”).

choosing a Slack channel for the Zenhub notifications

Simply copy Slack’s generated webhook and paste it into the highlighted field on the Dashboard. This enables Slack to receive real-time updates from GitHub.

copy Slack’s generated webhook and paste it into the highlighted field

Lastly, click “Add”, and you’re ready to go! Your team will be notified each time somebody moves an issue or assigns an estimate in this GitHub repo.

Add Zenhub’s Slack integration at!

example of Zenhub's Slack integration in action

Thanks for reading! As always, provide your feedback about this feature by tweeting us @ZenhubHQ.

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