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Add to Slack: How to integrate Zenhub with Slack

how to connect Slack to Zenhub

Want to see important GitHub project updates from wherever you are? Enter Zenhub‘s Slack integration.

Integrating Zenhub with Slack gives you on-the-go updates on the status of your GitHub projects. Powered by the super-simple Add to Slack button, you can pair it with GitHub’s Slack integration for an even more complete picture of your development team’s activity.

The Zenhub integration will keep you updated on key project changes so you can stay in the loop across any device. You can be updated when…

  • An issue changes from one pipeline to another (i.e. from “Backlog” to “In Progress”)
  • An estimate is set, updated, or cleared
  • An issue is reprioritized (moved up or down in a pipeline)

Integrating Zenhub with Slack

  • Integrating Zenhub with Slack is easy. You’ll first need to download Zenhub’s browser extension from our website if you haven’t already. (Just click the button on the top-right corner of this page!) Next, visit Zenhub’s Dashboard, and sign in with your GitHub credentials. Choose the appropriate GitHub organization from the tab on the left.
  • On the Dashboard’s Integrations tab, select Slack from the drop-down menu of services.
  • First, choose a repository you wish to connect with Slack. You can always add more repositories later.
  • You’ll notice the Add to Slack button appears. Click that! ✨
  • As prompted, sign in to your team’s Slack domain. Finally, you’ll be asked to confirm the integration, and you’ll need to choose a Slack channel for Zenhub’s updates.

Et voilà! You’re ready to start getting project updates like this:

Slack-Zenhub integration notification example

For more information check out our article on tracking Zenhub changes in Slack

Simple, right? If you have any questions or suggestions, give us a shout!

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