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Zenhub command pallete

Introducing Zenhub’s new command palette: an easier way to navigate

Today, we’re excited to announce a simple yet powerful addition to our platform that’s going to reduce context switching inside Zenhub and unlock a whole new level of efficiency.

Introducing: Zenhub’s command palette. Designed to streamline your workflow, the command palette acts as a universal search engine within Zenhub, giving you access to every keyboard shortcut, feature, and command without leaving your current screen. 

Read on to see why this new feature will be your best friend when it comes to time savings and enhancing ease of use.

What’s Zenhub’s command palette? 

Zenhub’s command palette is a universal search engine for Zenhub, making navigation a breeze. The command pallete can be opened anywhere in the Zenhub web app using the [Command (CMND) + K]* keyboard shortcut. With it, you can easily navigate to features, take actions in Zenhub (like “create Issue”), or search for Issues and Epics in your workspace. 

*Note: If you are on Windows or Linux, it also works with CTRL + K.

Things you can do with Zenhub’s command palette 

Here’s a complete list of everything you can do using Zenhub’s command palette: 

Navigate to features and actions

Navigating Zenhub via the command palette reduces the number of clicks needed to access different areas of the product. Use it to access Roadmaps, your Daily Feed, reports, and more. You can also complete essential actions such as creating Issues, editing Sprints, and creating Epics, all from within the command palette.


Search your workspace

With Zenhub’s command palette, you can quickly search for and open Issues and Epics from anywhere in the app. This feature ensures that you have quick access to the information you need right when you need it.

View all Zenhub keyboard shortcuts 

The command palette provides fast access to a comprehensive list of universal keyboard shortcuts throughout the Zenhub app. This feature ensures you can easily find and use shortcuts to streamline your workflow, enhance productivity, and make navigation more intuitive.

Access Zenhub’s AI Assistant 

Easily access Zenhub’s AI assistant for support and coaching directly from the command palette. Any questions you ask within the command palette will be answered by Zenhub’s AI assistant when you press enter, providing you with immediate assistance and guidance to enhance your workflow.

What are you waiting for? Give it a try

Zenhub’s new command palette is here to transform how you navigate and manage your projects. By streamlining access to features, actions, and information, it’s designed to save you time and boost your efficiency. Whether you need to search your workspace, complete essential tasks, or access AI assistance, the command palette has you covered.

We are thrilled to show you this feature in action! If you have feedback on the command palette or ideas on how to improve Zenhub, please leave that feedback on our product board. 


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