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Announcing the Brand New Zenhub Community

Our team has had an incredible journey since Zenhub’s inception in 2015. From our humble beginnings as an internal tool with the sole purpose of making GitHub more productive, to now a full-fledged agile project and task management platform built for collaborative teams with a browser extension and web app. Today, over 2,500 companies around the world are building great software faster with Zenhub.

It goes without saying that we’re always looking for new opportunities to better serve YOU, our community of technologists and product professionals, and most importantly, empower you to build great products faster. With that in mind, we found ourselves wondering – how do we give back to everyone that has allowed us to thrive and grow our product, and how do we give back to the industry as a whole?

Our answer to this, my friends, is our brand new Zenhub Community. Here are some examples of the value we hope you get from the Community:

  • Networking opportunities with your peers in tech and product management – get to know the people in your field!
  • Best practices on agile, product management, and project management from peers who work in this field every day
  • First access to Zenhub’s latest features and Beta launches
  • Insight into how other teams at top-performing companies are using Zenhub to make their daily tasks easier
  • Opportunities to ask questions about the Zenhub product and get answers from real users
  • And much more!


Connect, learn, and contribute

Connect, learn, and contribute are the three guiding principles we’ve incorporated into our brand new Community. It’s important that this is an accepting space that allows like-minded folks to chat on pertinent topics to their careers. We dream about lively debates on agile best practices, unique insights and experiences from teams across the world, and an easy way that Zenhub power users can share tidbits on how their team is putting Zenhub into action to develop innovative products faster. By joining and contributing to the Community, you’ll play a part in making this dream a reality.

This Community is about enabling product and technical folks to do their jobs better and learn from each other. And maybe, dare we say it, think differently.

With GitHub Universe this week, the new Zenhub Community is a great spot to continue the conversation on how you’re leveraging GitHub in your organization.


Hop on over to the Community soon, because right now we’re running a contest to win either a Mac Mini or a pair of Apple AirPods Max!

Note: unfortunately, the contest has closed, but check out our Twitter and LinkedIn for more contests.

Join us, and a global community of tech and product professionals

Let’s talk logistics. We really wanted to choose a platform that would be easy to use, so we settled on Discourse  – a fan favorite for forum software in the tech world. It’s super simple to sign up. You can sign up right here in less than 30 seconds.

You’ll see that we’ve already started conversations in the Community, so you can hop right in and start contributing (or just creep for a while  that’s fine, too!). However, keep in mind that we’ll be giving away some awesome rewards for great contributions. The more you contribute, the more recognition you gain and the more rewards you unlock! Plus – you’ll need to participate to enter our contest.


We can’t wait to see you there!

Need more information? Check out our FAQ.

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