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Confetti Moments: What’s New in ZenHub?

Confetti Moments is our quarterly update that highlights recent product improvements we’ve made so you can easily stay up to date on what’s new.

Let’s take a look at what’s new in ZenHub and what we’re gradually rolling out:

What’s New ✨

  • Inviting your team to ZenHub is now easier and faster with the new shareable invite link. If you still prefer to invite large groups via email, you can do so. The invitation link now supports copy & paste for multiple email addresses. Let us know what other invitation improvements you’d like to see in our product portal here.

shareable invite link to ZenHub

  • After multi-selecting an Issue card via the assignee avatar, there is now an option to select all Issues in the pipeline! Quickly get through your sprint planning and easily setup or clean up your Board. With this initial release, we’re limiting the number of selected Issues to 50 as we scale up and improve the queuing system to handle a greater number of requests.
option to select all issues on a pipeline
  • [Roadmaps] To help teams understand progress, meet project deadlines, and communicate timelines even more easily we introduced three major improvements to ZenHub Roadmaps: predicted end dates for epics, organization-wide portfolio view, and an option to enable color-coded projects as determined by their progress. Read more about these improvements here.

  • [Roadmaps] You can now customize your Roadmap view so that progress is shown by the number (#) or percentage (%) of Issues or Story points completed.

customize your Roadmap view to show progress by number or percentage of issues or story points

Performance enhancements, bug fixes, tech debt ️

  • [Tech Debt] Did you notice the cumulative flow and control chart report are now faster than before? Last weekend we completed a fairly complex database migration and backend infrastructure upgrade. Although this change was not user-facing, as part of this migration we were able to completely rewrite the processing logic for our Cumulative Flow and Control Chart reports, thereby speeding them up significantly. The migration was part of our journey to make ZenHub fast and will unlock many more future performance optimizations over the coming months.

  • [Bug fix] With your help, we were able to identify a quiet but frustrating race condition with the Release report. When creating new Issues with a selected Estimate and Release, the report was showing an incorrect number of estimated story points vs total story points. For those who helped us reproduce the error, thank you for your patience with this one.

  • [Bug fix] We’re excited to release a bug fix that will now allow file uploads across issue posting and commenting within ZenHub. Two things to keep in mind: GitHub only allows 5MB limits so some uploads on ZenHub may not be accessible on; pasting non-PNG images to upload has a lower limit due to browser restrictions.

File upload limit to 5MB for specific uploads

Coming up next!

Automated Workflows

Do you need to:

  • Communicate the status of an Issue in more than one Workspace?
  • Sync a "hand-off" between two teams on different Workspaces?
  • Clean your Workspace of Issues worked on by another team?

You spoke, we listened. Automated Workflows is coming soon to help keep you focused on your product rather than managing it.

Master ZenHub faster with our Onboarding Flow

New users will be able to quickly learn the ins and outs of ZenHub with our new onboarding flow – coming soon to the ZenHub platform.

As always, we’re excited to bring all these features and improvements to our users and we will continue listening to your feedback in our public User Portal.

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