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Driving Team Alignment with Product Roadmaps in Zenhub

Software projects are becoming more and more critical to the future of most modern businesses (even those that aren’t tech companies). Despite this, most software and business teams have never been more disconnected. While a myriad of different tools and solutions exist to address this growing gap, stakeholders and executives in most organizations still have no clue how far along their software projects are on the product roadmap.

Earlier this year we took a step back and asked why this was the case. What we learned over months of customer development was that most product roadmap solutions fall short in several key ways.

Most small organizations can’t afford expensive roadmapping tools. This often results in the use of spreadsheets that quickly end up out-of-date and require manual effort to maintain. More importantly, most product roadmapping tools only offer lightweight integrations that aren’t tied back to changes happening in the code. As a result, when the roadmap changes, those updates aren’t reflected for the developers and teams actually doing the work.

That’s why today, we’re excited to introduce Zenhub Roadmaps!

Zenhub Product Roadmaps is the first and only roadmapping tool natively integrated with GitHub, bringing a timeline view of your critical software development projects alongside the Issues, Epics, and Projects that define their progress. Progress updates are driven by live GitHub data and reflect the actual work being done across the development team, giving your entire organization a real-time view of your most critical software projects. Hear more from Zenhub co-founder Aaron Upright below:

Benefits of Using Product Roadmaps in Zenhub

Zenhub Roadmaps are always up-to-date because the underlying data (Epics and Issues) lives within GitHub. As a result, we’re confident Zenhub Roadmaps will quickly become an important communication tool to drive alignment for everyone on the team.

  • Executives and business stakeholders can now easily get a bird’s-eye view of all key software projects and initiatives the team is working in one place.
  • Developers gain a clear view of how the work that they are doing ties into company-level objectives and projects, creating deeper team engagement and buy-in.
  • Agile teams can see how the timing of their sprints aligns to what is pictured on the roadmap.

Zenhub Roadmaps Overview

To learn more about how each member of the team can leverage Roadmaps in their role, read up on Zenhub Roadmaps Use Cases. If you’re ready to get a head start on planning your next project, be sure to check out our latest guide on how to set up your first Roadmap.

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Describes how to use Zenhub's Roadmaps to eliminate the disconnect between work in GitHub and your roadmap.


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