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Firefox fan? You can now use ZenHub on your favourite browser

Firefox fan? You can now use ZenHub on your favourite browser

Our inbox is filled with requests from diehard Firefox fans asking – nay, pleading – to use ZenHub with their favourite browser. Well, friends, the wait is over!

ZenHub for Firefox offers all the powerful ZenHub features you love, now available on the #1 browser for privacy. We're celebrating with something a little different: for a limited time, your team will get 50% off the first month – plus a care package of awesome ZenHub swag (yes, in the mail)!

What you need to know: Firefox FAQs

Q: Why don't I see ZenHub on addons.mozilla.com?

We are self-hosting ZenHub for Firefox, so you'll need to download it from our website. Review cycles are shorter when self-hosting, which means we can provide updates and new features significantly faster! Each version will still be reviewed and signed off by Mozilla to guarantee your security.

Q: How do I get free swag?

When you’re ready to get licenses for your team, enter the promo code “firefoxyeah” in your ZenHub Dashboard. Your team will get 50% off the first month, and we'll send a care package of ZenHub goodies to the address you provide. (So don't forget to provide an address in the Dashboard's Billing tab!) This offer is valid until Feb.1, 2016.

Q: How do I download ZenHub for Firefox?

Get ZenHub by clicking the download button on ZenHub.com while using Firefox. Just sign in with GitHub, and you're good to go!

Q: Some members of my team use Chrome, and others use Firefox. Can we be on the same plan?

Yup! Your accounts are linked to your GitHub organization(s); the browser you're using doesn't change anything. (Don't forget, ZenHub is still free for personal, open source, and academic use!)

Q: Awesome!

That's not a question, but we're glad you feel that way! :)

As always, we welcome your feedback. Questions? Ideas? Shoot us an [email](mailto: support@zenhub.com) or chat with us on Twitter!

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