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Introducing ZenHub ‘Confetti Moments’

You spoke, we listened

We recognize that every GitHub software team works differently and have different needs. At ZenHub we want to give everyone – product owners, developers, designers, and project managers – the right support to enable each team to work more effectively and collaboratively inside GitHub.

To fulfill this mission, we open solicit feedback regularly from our community of users through surveys, direct outreach, and our User Portal. While gathering this important feedback, some of our users have shared their pain points with small annoyances inside the product. These small issues mostly relate to the repetitive nature of some project management tasks and some small User Interface (UI) bugs. For many of you, these were minor inconveniences while using ZenHub. For others, these issues were a source of some serious frustration. Well, we want you to know that we’re listening.

Over the past months, we’ve been fixing these small annoyances by improving our UX and UI to make ZenHub the most flexible and lightweight project management solution where everyone can do their best work. We come to work every day to ship features that bring value to you, and we want to celebrate these improvements with you by introducing our latest project: ‘Confetti Moments’.

‘Confetti Moments’ represent our commitment to always improving the product. These collections of complete feature releases are a celebration of our users and their willingness to help us understand what features matter most to them. We will continue to gather your feedback, prioritize the resulting features, and schedule improvements when appropriate into upcoming sprints.

The result is a better, even easier to use product, and more importantly, happier customers. So let’s celebrate our first Confetti Moment together and take a look at what we have released over the past few months.

Over the past months, we shipped:

  • Issue and Story Point counts when filtering: To get a complete picture of the estimates of most Issues or the number of Issues in the workflow, we’ve made it easier to find this information by adding an Issue and story points total count when filtering.

  • Multi-repo Workspaces: To help teams get started with Workspaces quicker, we improved the merge process by introducing the ability to merge up to 5 repos into a multi-repo Workspace at a single time.

  • Custom date range for Cumulative Flow filtering: To give teams more flexibility on top of the pre-set date ranges, teams will now be able to select a custom date range to filter the Cumulative Flow Diagram.

  • Pipeline descriptions for Workspaces: With pipeline descriptions team members will now have a clear understanding of what Issues belong in which pipeline, allowing for a clear and consistent flow of Issues across the Board.

  • Support GitHub’s Transfer and Delete functionality: When deleting and transferring Issues between repos on GitHub, they will properly be removed from the ZenHub Board.

  • GitHub Issues templates: To save time and eliminate context switching, GitHub Issues templates are now available in ZenHub. When creating new Issues in both the extension and the web app, teams will be able to switch between their available repo-templates.

  • Improved multi-repo filtering on the Velocity Chart: When you have a multi-repo Board, you can now toggle between repos when viewing the Velocity Chart without having to navigate between repos in the Workspace manager.

What’s next?

We’re excited to bring all these features and improvements to make our users thrive in their day to day and we will continue listening to your feedback in our public User Portal. Help us build a better product by submitting your ideas there!

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