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Launching Our New Podcast: From Code to Company

We’re excited to announce the launch of From Code to Company, a new podcast centered around the entrepreneurial journeys of startup founders and leaders in the software industry.

In each episode, we’ll be joined by amazing guests from around the world to hear the stories behind their successes and struggles on the way to building impactful software-based organizations. We hope to inform and inspire industry professionals and other entrepreneurs on the same journey.

What is From Code to Company about?

On From Code to Company, we’ll explore the latest industry trends, opportunities, and challenges facing tech entrepreneurs. We are lucky to have the chance to tap into a diverse, global community of over 8,000 high-growth organizations and communities that use Zenhub and are proud to share their experiences with you.

Join me and my co-host, George Champlin-Scharff, VP of Customer Success at Zenhub, as we delve into topics including software development technologies, tools, and processes. We’ll also discuss building and growing high-performing teams, raising capital, participating in open source, and many other issues at the intersection of tech and business innovation.

In our first episode, we speak to Sven Efftinge, one of the founders and the Co-CEO of GitPod, an exciting company that is dramatically transforming the developer experience. Check it out to learn about the origins of the company, how they have built and sustained a tremendous remote-first culture, the strategic importance of open source to their business, their experiences with fundraising, and much more.

Listen to the podcast

Listen to the podcast on Spotify, Apple Music, and Google Podcasts, and follow us to learn about new episodes as they’re released. Also, check out our website for more information, and don’t forget to follow our Instagram and Twitter for the latest updates and behind-the-scenes exclusives.

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