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What you'll learn from our new book on GitHub project management

What you'll learn from our new book on GitHub project management

Today we're launching our first book, Better Software & Stronger Teams. It’s inspired by a question we hear all the time:

How do you manage projects?

We get this question over and over: on calls; at conferences; over email. Unsurprisingly so, since we spend more time than most thinking about the best ways to set up, manage, and ship software projects.

This book brings together our best practices, hard-learned truths, and detailed workflow examples, taking readers through a software project from beginning to end.

You’ll learn how to build better software and a more collaborative team.

You’ll also hear from some very smart people, like Jono Bacon (former head of community at GitHub and Ubuntu) and Trey Hunner (director of the Python Software Foundation). Along the way, we’ve also included dozens of links to our favorite resources on everything from product management, to the perfect pull request, to productivity. Think of it as the ultimate guide to mastering collaboration in GitHub.

A note on our approach

There are so many ways to “do” project management. Frankly, we think many methodologies aren't built for today's fast-moving teams. Here at ZenHub, we don’t spend much time debating one theory over another. We generally stay away from capital-letter methodologies – that is, Scrum, Kanban, or even “Agile” – and this book does, too.

Instead, our philosophy for product development is closer to post-agilism (lowercase “a”), whose manifesto is pleasingly simple:

If it works, do it. If it doesn’t, don’t.

The purpose of this book is to arm you with strategies that could work for your team.

We hope this will be a resource you'll refer to again and again. It's available here for free in Mobi, ePub, and PDF form.

Read it, share it, and give it to your favourite project manager. Then tell us how your team stays fast and collaborative. We'd love to hear.

Happy reading. ✌️

CEO at ZenHub

Want new collaboration ideas your team can use today? Grab your copy of GitHub Project Management here.

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