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ZenHub Enterprise 2.4: Improvements for GitHub Enterprise customers

To remain competitive, large-scale enterprise organizations are knocking down barriers between engineers and "the rest" of the company. The latest version of ZenHub Enterprise –  compatible with GitHub Enterprise 2.5 – includes a host of improvements aimed at doing exactly that.

In fall 2015, ZenHub Enterprise launched worldwide to become the first project management tool displayed natively in GitHub Enterprise. The ZenHub Enterprise customer base has increased over 5x since that time, attracting Fortune 500 companies to the platform.

ZenHub’s co-founder Matt Butler puts it this way: "Enterprise companies who operate on a massive scale know that great developers are more valuable than ever. They’re focusing on removing friction in their programmers’ day-to-day, and their toolsets are reflecting it."

ZenHub Enterprise 2.4 includes improvements like:

Firefox support

With new support for Mozilla Firefox as well as Google Chrome, individual team members can work from whichever browser they love most.

Slack Integration

Enterprise teams are no longer tethered to their desks. With the ZenHub Enterprise Slack integration, everyone can stay updated on key project updates – from any device.

Teams can integrate their ZenHub Enterprise instance with Slack to see what’s happening now, including GitHub issue movement in ZenHub Boards, and time estimates for easier velocity tracking. Pair it with GitHub’s own Slack integration for a holistic view of project progress.

ZenHub Enterprise API for Custom Reporting

The new ZenHub Enterprise API gives customers more granular control over their data. They can create custom management reports, automated actions, and more.

ZenHub Boards tailored for larger organizations

ZenHub Kanban Boards used by larger organizations

ZenHub Boards have been updated to better support the unique needs of enterprise teams, whose distributed projects often comprise thousands of issues across multiple GitHub organizations.

Tweaks like the option to “Move multiple issues” on the Board, a full-screen view, and collapsing/expanding pipelines make it easy for multiple project managers to visualize progress at a glance.

Teams can also connect ZenHub Boards from different GitHub organizations into a single "master Board" – creating a single source of truth for highly distributed teams.

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