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Master your data with ZenHub’s API

Want to access your team’s ZenHub data? Craving custom reports? ZenHub’s API – a RESTful API with JSON responses – is now available!

To play with your data using ZenHub’s API, you’ll first generate a unique token from your Dashboard’s Settings page. With this token, you can access ZenHub data including:

  • Individual GitHub Issues (+1s, Time Estimates, and their location [pipeline] in the Board).
  • Your ZenHub Boards (Pipeline names and the issues contained in each; issue numbers, positions, and Time Estimates).
  • ZenHub Events (The ZenHub-specific history of issues over time: their time estimates and movement across pipelines).

Look out for more API functionality in the coming months. For now, get started by reading the API documentation!

Questions? Ideas? We’re all ears. Chat with us over Twitter or visit our public Support repo.

Image via #WOCinTech

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