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The New Zenhub: Connect several repos in one real-time Task Board!

ZenHub was built to increase collaboration and transparency for fast-moving, agile teams. Today, we’re excited to announce that ZenHub Boards now support multiple repositories!

The new ZenHub Boards can display issues from several repos in one place. Connecting Task Boards provides total visibility to your projects, making sprint planning and prioritization more transparent and efficient. Of course, you can filter the Board to see only what you need. Read on to learn more!

#### Merging Repositories

Connecting multiple Repos in one Board is easy. First, navigate to any ZenHub Board. Click Repositories, then Merge another repository +.

You can easily customize the new Board’s structure. In the preview screen, drag and drop pipelines to determine how they will be merged. You can always fine-tune these configurations later.

For example, let’s say you want to merge the "QA" pipeline with another Board’s "Code Quality" pipeline. Though their names are different, their purpose is the same. When these pipelines are merged, the "QA" pipeline’s issues will appear in the "Code Quality" pipeline.

When you have finished organizing, click Merge. You’ve just created your first Multi-Repo Board!

#### Filtering the ZenHub Board by GitHub Repo

filtering ZenHub Kanban boards by GitHub repository

ZenHub Kanban Boards can now be filtered by GitHub Repository in addition to Assignee, Milestone, and Label. Locate the Repository filter at the top-left corner of the Board and use the checkmarks to hide or reveal repositories.

As always, ZenHub Boards can be accessed within any GitHub repository via the Board icon or by pressing b.

Splitting (Disconnecting) Repositories

Just as you can connect repositories, you can also split them. Click Repositories (beside Labels), locate the repository you wish to split, and click Disconnect. Take note, however, that splitting repos may affect other team members.


Who can connect GitHub repositories into a ZenHub Board?

Only team members with Push (Write) access to a GitHub repository can connect it into a ZenHub Board. The same is true of editing pipeline names and adding new pipelines. (For more information about GitHub permissions, click here).

How many repositories can I merge together?

As many as you like! But to keep things streamlined, we recommend limiting the number of repositories connected per ZenHub Board.

What happens to issues once I’ve connected two Boards together?

While you can now see issues from several repos on one Board, the issues themselves remain in their respective repositories.

What happens to Labels and Milestones in a Multi-Repo Board?

To keep it simple, Milestones and Labels with the same name will appear together when you filter ZenHub Boards.

Thank you for reading! Tell us what you think of the new ZenHub Boards @ZenHubHQ, or shoot us an email at!

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