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New in ZenHub ‘Confetti Moments’: Pin Issues as high priority

We introduced ZenHub ‘Confetti Moments’ to do a better job of keeping you informed on feature releases and product enhancements. Every quarter, ‘Confetti Moments’ will highlight all the improvements we’ve launched, so you can easily stay up-to-date on what’s new.

Take a look at what we’ve launched in August:

Issue priority

What is blocking my project progress?

During development or sprint planning, teams often encounter one or more issues which require immediate attention such as a high priority bug.

To help teams highlight important Issues and communicate the urgency of work across ZenHub, this newly shipped feature lets you Pin an Issue to the top of a Pipeline to mark it as a high priority. Best of all this can all be done without having to rely on Github Labels.

Here’s how it works:

pinning priroity issues to the top of a pipeline

There are a few ways software teams can benefit from Issue priority, learn more on how to set Issues as high priority.

Quick Issue actions

Previously, performing a simple action on an Issue such as changing the Label or assigning a new user required several clicks. To cut down on the number of clicks needed we’ve introduced Quick Issue actions. It is perfect for managing day-to-day tasks quickly and easily.

Quick Issue actions in ZenHub's workspaces

In short, with Quick Issue actions you can:

  • Assign an Issue to a user
  • Apply labels to Issues
  • Set or change the milestone for the Issue

Quick Issue Actions and Issue priority were designed and shipped based on the great feedback we receive from you on a daily basis. We truly appreciate your help in building a better product, so please continue submitting your ideas in our User Portal.

So, what’s next?

Our mission is to make ZenHub the most flexible and lightweight project management solution for everyone, and we will continue to work relentlessly to achieve this goal. We are actively working to improve your experience by reducing the repetitive nature of some project management tasks and improving the User Interface (UI).

Check out the full list of performance improvements we are currently working on:

  • Measure how quickly the Board loads to have a precise benchmark for future improvements
  • Improve initial download time of ZenHub
  • Combine and send multiple Issue updates at once
  • Increase the speed of loading Issues, the Board, and Reports

We’re also gearing up for the release of a brand new feature that many of our users have been asking for. In the coming weeks, we will introduce a Gantt-style timeline view that will enable you to see the start and end dates for Epics. This new feature will give you more visibility into project planning, allowing you to monitor project progress with a visual roadmap. We’re very excited to share this with you soon!

Be on the lookout for more announcements about how ZenHub will help bring your software team closer together. Stay tuned!

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