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Maximizing Productivity in GitHub: Our Largest-Ever User Survey

We spend an inordinate amount of time talking to customers about how ZenHub changes the way teams collaborate. In our latest customer survey, we sought to put some hard numbers behind those anecdotes. When a software team adds ZenHub to GitHub, what happens to developer productivity? To their engagement? What about code quality? Or developer happiness?

The results confirmed what our users tell us every day. When a team adds ZenHub to GitHub, they experience big changes in the way they work together.

Alongside user stories from Leap Motion and NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory, we’re excited to share the survey results in our new report: The Developer-Driven Company. Check out the report in full, or catch the bite-sized version below!

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ZenHub report findings

Image via #WocinTech

From all of us at ZenHub, thank you to everyone who participated in our survey! Your feedback makes ZenHub possible. As always, we’re all ears: contact us @ZenHubHQ!

To learn more about measuring developer productivity, read our blog.

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