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Release Reports in ZenHub

Editor’s note: This blog post was originally published in April 2017 and has been completely revamped and updated for accuracy and comprehensiveness.

ZenHub Release Reports are a way of tracking long-term projects, business goals or external commitments, such as a new feature launch. These projects are usually completed over multiple sprints, and involve the coordination of several different teams. This makes it easy to use your existing GitHub data to create dynamic, comprehensive release plans that help guide your team to success. With Release reports, teams can manage scope changes across long-term projects or milestones. This report provides better insight into predict end-dates and whether or not you’re on track to finish the release by the desired end date.

Tracking releases is helpful for teams for multiple reasons. Business goals and feature launches often span multiple sprints, involve the coordination of multiple teams, and are impacted by a lot of moving parts within an organization. As a result, teams often spend a significant amount of time trying to predict velocity, end-dates, and the most likely path to success against long-term, multi-sprint goals. Release reports alleviate the unknowns that come with planning long-term deliverables and help teams take pro-active approaches to software development.

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release report in ZenHub for tracking and managing scope changes

Release reports help teams keep track of and manage scope changes

Sprint-over-sprint new information about your team, product, processes, and speed come up. From factors outside your control, to new customer developments, project plans quickly change. These changes directly impact your team’s ability to hit deadlines—but with just a list of issues there’s limited visibility into how these changes are going to impact long-term deadlines.

With ZenHub Releases, you can add or remove scope from the Release as new information comes up to accommodate for changes that occur. This gives teams instant visibility on the impact originally unplanned work will have on long-term objectives.Track changes as they happen to get instant updates on predicted end dates.

Read the full documentation for Release reports here to track your first Release and get more predictability within your team’s development workflow. You can also check our our webinar on planning long-term projects with Release reports

highlight on a predicted end date as visible on a ZenHub release report

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