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Change(b)log: Bulk Actions on the Task Board

Change(b)log: Bulk Actions on the Task Board

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Perform bulk actions: Multi-Action

multi-action options on a Kanban board's cards

Most of us have found ourselves performing a certain action over and over again. Maybe it's adding issues to a Milestone at the beginning of a sprint, or maybe it's adding the same label over and over.

That rather onerous process is now a lot more efficient with ZenHub's new bulk actions.

Selecting multiple issues will trigger the action bar, a new feature allowing you to update labels, assignees, milestones, epics, or even make movements to many issues and pull requests between pipelines at once.

Let's take a look at how this works in practice. You can select multiple issues in two ways. First, you can simply click a profile picture to select the first issue:

clicking on a profile picture to select the first issue

Alternatively, find "Select issues" under the gear icon on the top-right corner of the issue.

the Select issues option on the top-right corner of an issue

Once your first issue is selected, you can continue highlighting additional issues by clicking on them.

Finally, find the bulk action you want to perform at the top of your task board:

bulk action options at the top a the task board in ZenHub

Bonus feature: If you're viewing a board that contains multiple repos and you apply labels or milestones to a group of issues, ZenHub will attempt to create those labels or milestones in repos where they didn't previously exist.

You'll notice that the issues remain selected so that you can make additional updates if needed. Click either "Done", "clear all" at the top-left corner of your board, or unselect all of the issues by clicking on them again to exit selection mode completely.

It's that easy. Hopefully you'll find this tremendously useful in more ways than one!

What do you want to see next? We're all ears! Tweet us @ZenHubHQ or send us your two cents directly.

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