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Time to Scale With Start-UP Chile

We’re excited to announce that Zenhub has been accepted to Start-UP Chile’s SCALE program! Several team members will remain in Santiago, Chile for a full year, contributing to Chile’s entrepreneurial landscape and working hard to grow ZenHub.

Nine startups have been accepted into this first-generation program. Each company receives ~$100,000, equity free, to scale their product. Over the year, they also act as mentors to others in the Start-UP Chile program.

SCALE is a natural and welcomed continuation of our participation in the Start-UP Chile program, which brings an international community of entrepreneurs together. Since its inception in 2011, Start-UP Chile has inspired many similar programs around the world, and has been covered by Forbes, The Economist, and many more. The talented team members we’ve found in Chile are invaluable, and their innovation informs and shapes our product daily.

the team having lunch

How will the SCALE Program affect our users? We are launching several awesome features. We’re continuing our obsession with user experience. And we’re inviting the brightest global talent to join us for the ride.

Read more about the SCALE program here!


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