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Two New Ways to Filter Your Boards!

We’re excited to announce that we’re shipping two long-awaited improvements to Zenhub Boards to help teams organize and prioritize their GitHub Issues.

Zenhub already provides the ability to filter Boards based on GitHub Labels, Milestones, and Assignees, and today, we’re introducing filtering by Author and Estimate.

Filter Issues by Author and Estimate

Zenhub was made for growing teams, and as the amount of information on your Board increases, we know it’s important to be able to quickly narrow down on relevant Issues and PRs. Our new Author filter makes it easy to see only those Issues that have been created by a specific team member. As you’d expect, the Author filter can also be combined with any of Zenhub’s other filters to create an even more customized view.

filter issues by Author in the Zenhub board

Additionally, we’ve also added an option to filter the Zenhub Board by Estimate. Now, you can easily compare two or more Issues to ensure that estimates are accurate, or figure out which Issues can be slotted into a sprint based on size. With this new filter, teams can also filter by Issues with no Estimate to easily identify which Issues on the board haven’t yet been estimated and need additional attention from the team.


Estimate Filter in the Zenhub board

Updated logic on all filters

Lastly, you can now filter by any/all logic across all filters!

Organization Logic to filter issues

Create Issues in any Connected Repo

In this latest release, we also took the opportunity to improve on the flow for new Issue creation. Now teams can create a GitHub Issue across any connected repository within their board, simply by selecting a repo from the dropdown list at the top of the Zenhub Issue modal. For teams working from a board with multiple connected repo’s, this time-saving feature makes it even easier to capture new work in fewer clicks.

Create Issues in any Connected Repository

These, like many of our product enhancements, come courtesy of your feedback! To share your feedback on this new release or to discuss features you’d like to see come into your Boards, head to our User Portal.

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