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Untether AI’s Ambitious Vision for Accelerating Artificial Intelligence

What would life be like if you moved twice as fast?

Let’s imagine something you do every day. Maybe it’s your commute to work, or maybe it’s your go-to meal that you make every week for dinner. Now let’s imagine if you could do this task in half the time you currently do. What would your life look like? Now, let’s imagine that instead of a routine task, you’ve sped up the work you do at your job, all day, everyday. How much time would you save? How much more would you accomplish?

Of course, for this to become a reality, we wouldn’t be able to just make little improvements here and there – we’d have to drastically change the way we do things. You wouldn’t cut your commute in half by taking a shortcut or getting a faster car – you’d have to take a whole different route together, or maybe an entirely different mode of transportation. Maybe even one that isn’t invented yet.

Revolutionary improvements like these are exactly the kind of achievements Untether AI has under its belt.

Artificial intelligence (AI) radically pushes the boundaries of what computers can do. No longer limited to executing the procedures we dictate, it allows computing to handle pattern recognition and decision-making in a way that mimics the way we do. The potential this unlocks is invaluable – AI is behind a wide spectrum of technologies that we rely on today, from voice recognition and natural language processing, to your favorite recommendation engine.

These powerful computations come at a cost. One of the predominant bottlenecks AI applications face is the compute scaling limitations on existing modern AI chips. As the amount of data that we process increases, the compute demands on AI grow as well.

Untether AI, aims to address this bottleneck. Their mission is to the point – to help companies running AI workloads to run neural networks faster, cooler, and more cost effectively. They aim to do this using the company’s  innovative “at-memory” computing.

While these goals may sound lofty, Untether AI has proven they can deliver on these ambitions. Recently they showed off their revolutionary tsunAImi accelerator cards powered by runAI devices at the Linley Fall Processor Conference. The tsunAImi accelerator card boasts unparalleled speed and performance – for natural language processing, it performs four times faster than any other announced product. Life at twice the speed? Untether AI gives us a sneak peak at exactly what this means, with tsunAImi accelerator cards having twice the compute power of any other available product.

What gives Untether AI this significant edge? Instead of improving on traditional architectures, they’ve pushed the frontiers of AI applications. In traditional architecture, data movement accounts for 90% of energy expenditure. Untether AI has designed their runAI devices for computation, moving the compute element directly adjacent to memory cells. By focusing on data movement, the greatest bottleneck, they were able to make significant, industry-leading changes.

A fast-moving team like Untether AI’s will inevitably face certain workflow challenges and organizational difficulties. Much like how their approach to revolutionizing AI applications concentrated on the biggest bottlenecks, ZenHub is a project management tool that focuses on the most impactful aspects of your process. In this sense, it is a natural complement to fast-moving teams. Two common obstacles that agile, modern software development teams face are team communication and collaboration, and velocity tracking and release prediction. Below, we’ll cover how ZenHub can reduce these bottlenecks and offer powerful improvements to the way you work.

Team communication and collaboration

Untether AI leverages the power of Zenhub Workspaces and Workflows to keep everyone on their teams on the same page.

ZenHub Workspaces pull GitHub Issues into a Board – a central location teams can turn to to see the real-time status of each piece of work. Powerful filtering capabilities create focused and relevant views for each member of the team. While the Board provides an overview at-a-glance, GitHub Issues can contain more detailed information. As Kevin Chung, Project Manager at Untether AI explains, the combination of ZenHub and GitHub provides a more effective way to track important information compared to Slack and email.

ZenHub’s new Automated Workflows feature synchronizes information, facilitating knowledge sharing and improving transparency. Individuals or teams can create personalized, distinct Workspaces. These Workspaces are connected by customized configurations, allowing information across Workspaces to update with minimal overhead. Each team gets a view relevant to them, without information becoming siloed or falling out of sync.

Velocity tracking, release prediction and status

There is significant value in being able to predict when value will be delivered to the end user. ZenHub is designed to help you answer this question.

Untether AI relies on a Scrum workflow. To predict when deliverables would be ready, Untether AI turned to ZenHub to support with managing sprints and releases. Traditionally, tracking a team’s performance and output can be time-intensive and costly. ZenHub integrates directly with your GitHub data, reducing effort needed without compromising on results.

ZenHub is built with a comprehensive reporting suite, as well as thorough sprint planning and management tools. Kevin shares that he finds the Burndown Reports and Release Reports most useful for their team. These two reports focus on comparing historic data with upcoming goals – they’ll use your own team’s data to make educated guesses as to whether you’ll hit preferred deadlines. This allows you to reflect and course correct as needed.

The Roadmaps feature brings the same easy-to-use user experience to long-term release planning and provides an easy to understand summary of the status of key projects and subtasks. Teams with ambitious visions need to balance the needs of day-to-day project planning with future-focused goals. ZenHub’s Roadmaps is industry-leading in itself – it is the first and only roadmapping tool that lives inside GitHub.

By using ZenHub in their fast, dynamic work, Untether AI has removed potential obstacles that would impede their ability to move as quickly as they have. ZenHub is thrilled to be a part of Untether AI’s journey as they aim to push the boundaries of AI applications with their revolutionary technologies.

What can ZenHub do for your team? Lightweight to set up and intuitive to use, there’s little reason not to find out. Who knows – maybe you’ll even find yourself moving twice as fast as you currently do.

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