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What Microsoft’s Acquisition of GitHub Means for Zenhub

Earlier this week, Microsoft made their acquisition of GitHub official. As one of the largest integration partners in the GitHub ecosystem, we couldn’t be more excited about the news—though many of our users have been wondering what this all means for ZenHub (and rightly so!)

Wondering what will come to ZenHub tweet

To answer Damian, and the questions of many other ZenHub community members — our partnership with GitHub remains as strong as ever. Further, we’re just as committed as we’ve been from the early days in making GitHub an even more inclusive place for technical teams, and building upon our vision of bringing project management closer to the code.

We’re also really excited about what Microsoft has in store for GitHub. For starters, we’re huge fans of GitHub’s newly appointed CEO, Nat Friedman.

And as Microsoft has gotten more public in sharing their involvement in open source, we’re expecting more exciting news to come in reaffirming both companies’ commitments to empowering the developer ecosystem. We also see huge potential to make GitHub an even more central part of teams’ workflows by making GitHub more inclusive to a broader range of team members. This will make keeping things close to the code even more possible, not less—something we’re excited to continue to work with GitHub to make a reality.

As always, we’re encouraging our users to keep the questions coming. If you have a question about ZenHub’s partnerships, you can tweet us at @ZenHubHQ or reach out directly at

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