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Zenhub Change(b)log: What’s new in June 2023?

Summer’s here, but Zenhub hasn’t been on vacation (okay, some of us were!). We’ve been hard at work building new functionalities into Zenhub that some of you have been asking for. From giving productivity a boost with a bit of help from AI to enabling more powerful ways to collaborate without GitHub, we’ve got some gems we’ve launched this month we know you’ll love. 

Let’s review some of the biggest and most exciting changes to Zenhub for June 2023. 

Giving users a productivity boost with AI 💪

We all know the productivity boost AI has the potential to give teams – this is why we’ve been incorporating it into some of the more tedious aspects of project management for developers– GitHub label management. 

AI-generated GitHub labels

Labels are a great way to keep track of issues: what area of work they relate to, what their status is, etc. But they only work well when they’re consistent. And we all know humans aren’t always super consistent. This is why Zenhub now leverages the power of AI to generate GitHub Issue label suggestions. This way, your team’s data stays accurate in as few touches as possible – pretty nifty, right?  

We plan to make the same feature available for Zenhub Issues, but that’s still a WIP for now. Stay tuned!

UX enhancements for non-GitHub users 🔥

Since the launch of Zenhub Issues, we’ve been considering how we want to improve the Zenhub experience for your teammates who aren’t using GitHub. Here are some of the additions we’ve made to make Zenhub even better for all those non-GitHub users you know: 

GitHub Issue visibility for non-GitHub users

The recent addition of Zenhub Issues makes it much easier for technical and non-technical teams to work together in Zenhub. But with GitHub access, non-technical team members previously couldn’t see GitHub Issues. 

So, we added the ability for team members without GitHub access to view GitHub Issues. They can now check in and see what the engineers are up to on their Zenhub boards without editing anything. (Note: to maintain privacy, only Admins can enable this feature, which can be found in the Edit Workspace section.) 

Zenhub Issues are now workspace-specific

We’ve also made some quality-of-life changes to Zenhub Issues. For example, issues are no longer organization-wide. Now, they’re only created in the specific Workplace the user is working in. This makes for a cleaner, tighter experience and helps with privacy. 

Convert Zenhub Issues to GitHub Issues

Hindsight is 20/20, but foresight sure isn’t. If you’ve ever created a Zenhub Issue and later decided you wanted it to be visible in GitHub, there wasn’t an easy way to do that. Now there is :D! 

Just go to the three-dot menu and select “Convert to GitHub Issue.”  And bam – you’ve got a GitHub Issue. This also helps with cross-team collaboration. If you want your developers in the loop or involved with some of the tasks a teammate not in GitHub was working on, this is a great way to hand over or give visibility into that work. 

Better ways to connect other tools 🔗

Embed Figma, Miro, and Loom files now in Issues

Figma, Miro, and Loom are probably all tools you or your team members use on a daily basis. But previously, sharing files with these tools across teams in Zenhub wasn’t the most seamless. So, we’ve added the ability to embed these files directly into Zenhub Issues and Epics, with comments visible across the whole team. Just post the link, and Zenhub will automatically display the board’s content. Seamlessly pass off work and enhance visibility, particularly for cross-functional work between teams.

Take these new features for a spin 🚗

These updates should make your life using Zenhub a little easier, a little smoother, and a little more flexible. Have some more suggestions for features or improvements to Zenhub? Submit an idea to our product portal here. 

If you’d like any guidance when familiarizing yourself with the new features, feel free to touch base with the support team or book an onboarding session.


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