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Zenhub Horizon What’s new in Zenhub in October 2022?

As we head into spooky season, the Zenhub team wanted to take some time to share some of the updates, upgrades, and new additions to our platform from the last few months. There’s a lot we’re excited to share with you – buckle up!

What’s New ✨

Zenhub Epics

“Epic” changes to Zenhub?

EPIC changes have come to Zenhub – both literally and figuratively. This past summer, we introduced new changes to Zenhub Epics, and they are pretty epic, if we do say so ourselves.

Now, follow this very closely, as we will be making references to (former) Epics and (new) Epics.

Many of you may be familiar with the Epics we’ve had in Zenhub for a while. Those (former) Epics were actually a modification to the GitHub issue entity, which meant that our users had to at least have a GitHub account to create and use those (former) Epics. This posed some limitations to what we could do with them, hence the introduction of (new) Epics, which is 100% a stand-alone entity that users without a GitHub account can use. This change will make it easier for all of your stakeholders to get involved in project planning, regardless of whether they have a GitHub account or not. What’s more, (New) Epics have the features of (former) Epics, plus MORE!

Migrations of the (former) Epics to (new) Epics are underway, and if you’re new here, you probably already have it!

GraphQL APIs

API stability, fewer errors, automatic validation, and type-checking – who was prepared for this?!

We recently made a move from REST APIs to GraphQL APIs!

With the introduction of Zenhub’s GraphQL API, you now have access to a massive world of data structure, from issues and epics to reporting and so much more! With GraphQL API, you can build, customize and extend the capabilities in Zenhub, based on your own rules and specific needs.

We know that many people will want to make the switch from the REST API to the new GraphQL API, so we’ve put together this guide on Moving from REST APIs to GraphQL for that purpose. If you’re just getting started with our GraphQL APIs, this guide on getting started with GraphQL will also come in handy.

Organization access request

Because if you didn’t get an invite, you can politely crash the party!

Zenhub has several easy ways to bring your team on board. The most prominent one is having you invite them via the big blue button from inside the app. We thought a nice complement to that would be to enable users to see and request access to your organization from outside, which you can then approve or deny. A balance of the push-pull mechanism should give you and your team autonomy and control over your workspace – just like you have in the real world.

Developer happiness is no longer a mystery…

If you really want to know what makes developers happy at work – why not ask them? That’s what we did…

This fall Zenhub launched the 2022 Software Developer Happiness Report, a report on what keeps developers satisfied and productive in the workplace. The report is based on a survey conducted earlier this year of 380 developers and inquires about attitudes towards compensation, satisfaction with work relationships and collaboration, what makes work more enjoyable, where developers prefer to work, and more.

Some key findings include:

  • 71% of developers have not decided how long they wish to stay at their current job
  • 24% of developers rate work-life balance as the most important factor in staying at their current job
  • Only 51% of developers agreed that they feel “most productive” where they typically work
  • 73% of developers with the highest job satisfaction received an appreciable pay increase in the past year

Read the full report here.

Coming Soon

We implore you to keep your eyes peeled for the following huge changes to Zenhub in the coming months.

Zenhub Issues

Much like Epics as a Zenhub entity, Issues are coming as an entity. We’re looking to improve collaboration and transparency on Zenhub by having your non-technical team create Issues in Zenhub that are not associated with GitHub Issues. This way, stakeholders in the development process can create tasks and collaborate in Zenhub without having Github licenses.

That’s all, folks

We hope all these new updates will bring you as much joy this fall as they’ve brought us! We know change can sometimes be challenging, so if you need any help familiarizing yourself with the new features and updates, please feel free to reach out to our support team at or book an onboarding session here.

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