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Zenhub Horizon See what’s new in Zenhub in April 2022!

Zenhub Horizon is our quarterly update highlighting the most recent and relevant product improvements to help you stay up to date.

We’re excited to bring you some incredible updates and improvements in this edition of Zenhub Horizon. Read on to learn more about everything we’ve built, optimized, and fixed.

What’s new ✨

Board 2.0 updates

Board 2.0 is better, faster, and stronger for teams. We’re continuing to improve the new board, which is now the default board for everyone. Here’s a look at the newest updates:

  • We added pipeline sorting and sort by sprint options to help you easily sort issues the best way for you and your team
ZenHub's new pipeline sort options
  • We made board filtering more powerful by adding the ‘not:’ operator to the assignee, epic, and label filters. Simply type “not:” to use this inverse filter functionality
ZenHub's new "not" operator on all filters
  • We added filter by issue author, so you can search issues by who created them
  • We enabled expand pipeline, so you can view more issues on the board
The new Board 2.0 Expand Pipeline

Powering up projects

Get better project visibility from the roadmap view. Every project now has a flyover on the roadmap. You can add a description, mark it as complete, and see who creates or closes the project.

New flyovers on the roadmap

Reordering the roadmap: it’s a drag (and drop)

We received a lot of feedback that our users wanted more control over how their roadmap is ordered. So, you can now manually reorder items on the roadmap using drag and drop! Sort your roadmap by start date, end date, or manually by using the drop-down menu in the top right corner.

For this first version, drag and drop is only enabled for top-level items, meaning you can reorder projects and epics that aren’t inside a project. Stay tuned for more on that!

New drag and drop features on the roadmap

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where the predicted end date would not be displayed for an epic on the roadmap.
  • Fixed a UI bug with the issue flyover when using the extension.
  • Fixed an issue that caused long numbers to appear truncated via markdown within an issue.
  • Fixed a bug where issue titles or breadcrumbs could run off the issue flyover page.
  • Added a loading indicator and improved the response performance when closing or opening an issue via the issue flyover.

On The Horizon

The Zenhub login experience is expanding!

The team has been hard at work to bring Zenhub to all teams and team members (not just those with a GitHub account). Today, anyone will be able to sign up and use Zenhub – no GitHub required.

For those without a GitHub account, the first release of this experience will be a sneak peek with a sampling of our features available. What does this mean? Our full feature suite will still only unlock with a GitHub account. Over the coming months, we’ll be fully focused on creating a Zenhub that works really well for everyone on the team. So, what do you need to know now?

  • Anyone signing up by email without a GitHub account will be able to use Zenhub roadmaps, create projects, and start collaborating with the rest of the team for free
  • To make this new way to log in to Zenhub work, we needed to create a new permissions system to manage who’s allowed in your Zenhub organization
  • Over time, we will be releasing new functionality that doesn’t rely on GitHub and can be used by anyone with or without a GitHub account

More details to come as we continue to build and make Zenhub more valuable to everyone on your team. Start your free trial with your email.

That’s all, folks

As always, we’re excited to bring you new features and improvements, and we will continue listening to your feedback through our community


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