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Zenhub Horizon See what’s new in Zenhub in Sept 2021!

We’re excited to bring you another edition of Zenhub Horizon. This time with more exciting feature updates and workflow tips to help your team move faster. Read on to learn more about everything we’ve built, optimized, and fixed.

Zenhub Horizon is our quarterly update highlighting the most recent and relevant product improvements to help you stay up to date.

What’s new: Feature updates to improve focus and team alignment

At Zenhub, our mission is to help teams improve their Agile practices and release more quickly. In the past few months, we’ve reduced the overall code bundle size of our application by 20% resulting in faster initial load times for our web application!

Not only are we providing users time savings through app improvements, we’re also building time savings right into our features to allow teams to meet less, develop more, and increase their overall velocity.

Tip 1: Before scheduling a meeting, think, could this meeting have been an email? Clear, asynchronous communication is one of the key ingredients to increasing your team’s momentum. Features like planning poker in Zenhub help you eliminate wasted time in meetings and perform your agile events more smoothly.

Fewer clicks with planning poker groups

We heard you loud and clear. You love planning poker, but having to manually select each team member was cumbersome. Now, when requesting estimates during a round of planning poker, users will be grouped based on your previous selections with planning poker groups. This means you can choose your entire team in one click rather than selecting them one-by-one. And in case you missed our last update – don’t forget you can now notify team members via email when it’s their turn to add an estimate.

Tip 2: Know your limit, play within it. Another key to increasing team velocity is to plan your sprints using up to date and recent data. This goes beyond the burndown chart.

Run smarter sprints with Sprint Insights

Your burndown chart should be a cornerstone of your sprint planning and team alignment efforts. So, how powerful would it be to surface that data next to where your team works everyday? With Sprints Insights, it is our goal to take in-flight navigation to the next level by surfacing real-time metrics relevant to your team’s current sprint.

Right from your Board, you’re now able to:

  • See Zenhub sprint progress
  • Understand changes in scope
  • See average velocity and compare to last period
  • Add unfinished Issues to your next sprint, and more.

Upcoming: regardless of your methodology, all teams still need support to make critical in flight decisions. In our upcoming iteration of insights, we’re broadening the scope of team metrics captured.

Tip 3: Get everyone on the same page. Tool sprawl is a silent killer, so getting everyone on the same page (or board ) is a sure fire way to improve communication, team planning and velocity.

Keep stakeholders in the loop with roadmaps sharing

Working with external vendors or clients? Help keep them up to date with the latest team progress with roadmaps sharing. You can now export the Zenhub roadmap to an SVG file.

Tip 4: Agile is a team sport, but every teammate counts! Encourage every team member to build a workflow that supports their unique strengths and needs.

Customize Zenhub with Dark Mode

You know it, you love it, every developer needs it – Dark mode! We’re proud to announce dark mode is now available on both the Zenhub web app and the Zenhub browser extension for GitHub.

Tip 5: Dark mode lovers attest to its ability to reduce eye strain in low light conditions. Most importantly, we think it happens to look especially snazzy!

Getting started with Zenhub is now easier thanks to GitHub Projects Importer

Ready to upgrade from managing work using GitHub Projects and Issues, and come over to Zenhub? You can now easily import your project and issues over with just a few clicks using the GitHub Projects Importer.

Performance Fixes & Updates

  • When switching between workspaces, some users were shown an incomplete set of repos by default.
  • When toggling between repos, users were taken to an unexpected default Workspace. Now it will populate the most recent Workspace you visited that has that Repo attached to it.
  • When creating new issues, some users were seeing a discrepancy in the issue counter at the top of the pipeline. Now the count will be correct after creating a new issue.
  • [Update] Sidebar icon updates.
  • [Bug fix] You’re now able to make changes to an active Zenhub Sprint if the Sprint is closing today.
  • [Bug fix] You’ll no longer see a delay in repos appearing when creating a new Workspace.
  • [Bug Fix] We’ve resolved the bug that caused some users’ Board to (semi) crash when opening Epics too quickly.


  • Extension – Fixed some color inconsistencies in the extension issue page.
  • Simplified workspace builder.
  • You can now use the spacebar to expand and collapse pipelines.
  • Board settings have been moved to the board for easier visibility.
  • New and improved epic card design.
  • Improved roadmap creation experience.
  • Epic assignees will now show on the roadmap.
  • Dragging and dropping issues into a closed pipeline will close the issue.
  • Updates to styling for creating and editing workspaces.
  • Adding issues to pipelines will automatically place that issue at the top of a pipeline.

Bug Fixes

  • Extension – Highlighting text in issue modal fixed.
  • Fix for Japanese keyboard compatibility.
  • Corrected header in control chart export.
  • Extension – Events will now show on the issue page when you assign an issue to a release.
  • Changing Epic dates on the roadmap will no longer remove them from a project.

That’s all, folks

As always, we’re excited to bring you new features and improvements and we will continue listening to your feedback through our public product roadmap. And don’t forget, we’re on Slack! You can now stay up-to-date on what’s new and share learnings, tips, and tricks with the Zenhub community. Click here to join.


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