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Zenhub for Web – The Zenhub Web App

Zenhub for web offers all the functionality the Zenhub extension for GitHub has but in a streamlined web app.

Zenhub: Where product and technology come together

Packed full of all the same features you know and love in the Zenhub extension for GitHub, offers teams a simplified experience.

Giving users who are unfamiliar with GitHub an easier-to-navigate option, Zenhub still integrates close to project source code, ensuring accurate, up-to-date data for managers and project leads—All while supporting a fully responsive experience. This means not only can Zenhub be accessed in a user’s browser of choice, but it can also be accessed on the go.

The Zenhub web app improves software development team productivity by:

  • Allowing greater visibility by keeping status and project updates close to the code
  • Enabling teams to automate agile practices like planning poker and sprints to give developers more time to focus on innovative work
  • Providing visibility into high-level project progress with roadmaps
  • Helping product leaders identify blockers and remove them before their team gets off track with reports

Want to take a product tour? See all Zenhub has to offer in this short product walkthrough.

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