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Introducing: Zenhub Enterprise 4.0 for on-premise

Zenhub Enterprise has long been a trusted solution for customers who need to host their software on-premises due to specific security needs and preferences. If you’ve kept up with Zenhub over the past few months, you would have noticed some significant releases for our cloud customers – from the introduction of Zenhub Issues and GitHub Insights to the launch of AI labels – we’ve got something for everyone.

Among our most enthusiastic Zenhub users are those who host Zenhub on-premise, who, until this past month, had yet to access these slick new features in their environment. As part of our ongoing support to this dedicated user base, we are now thrilled to package all these recent releases into an on-prem update, which we’re excited to launch today. 

This is especially helpful for those transitioning away from Jira server solutions, as Jira will be phased out in a few months (and many are flocking to Zenhub!). In this blog post, we will delve into what Zenhub Enterprise 4.0 brings to the table and what our on-premises users can anticipate from this substantial update.

What is Zenhub Enterprise 4.0?

Zenhub Enterprise 4.0 is the latest update of Zenhub Server, released in September 2023 (see the changelog here). It includes a variety of releases that have been introduced to our cloud users over the past six months, including Zenhub Issues, AI Labels, integrations, improved administration, GitHub Insights, and more. 

Here are some of the most significant changes to Zenhub Enterprise On-Prem: 

Improving onboarding and administration

Organization access and “allowed domains”

Zenhub has simplified organization access to make the user onboarding process more streamlined and efficient. Now, if a user signs up with the same email domain as the one used by the Zenhub organization’s creator, the organization will be visible to them immediately, eliminating the need for an invitation. Zenhub also now supports “Allowed domains,” which allows the admin to add accepted domains in addition to the domain associated with their email account. 

New permissions system

To make getting set up with Zenhub even easier for admins, existing GitHub organization admins are now automatically granted Zenhub organization admin status. Of course, all other teammates will receive “member” status similar to GitHub. 

Disconnecting GitHub Accounts from Zenhub

Sometimes, you may need to discount Zenhub from GitHub. We’ve recently made this possible in fewer clicks. You can do so by going to Account Management > Settings > Connected Accounts.

Beyond GitHub: enhancing the Zenhub platform

Zenhub Issues 

Zenhub is now more than an extension of GitHub, meaning it can support issues without a GitHub account. Zenhub Issues function similarly to GitHub Issues but are a separate entity from GitHub, enabling users to use them without a GitHub account. These are great for team members who don’t use GitHub or for tracking non-development tasks. 

Classic GitHub Projects Importer for Platform Users

For users migrating from GitHub Projects to Zenhub, we’ve extended the capabilities of our Classic GitHub Projects Importer. Smoothly import pipelines, repositories, and issues from existing classic GitHub project boards into your Zenhub workspace. 

Board enhancements

Milestones Support from Board 2.0

You asked for it, and we brought it back – milestones are now supported on Zenhub Board 2.0. You can now filter issues by Milestone or without Milestones, bulk edit and multi-select Milestones, add/remove Milestones from issues, and Show/Hide Milestonse from issue cards.

Board 2.0 Improvements

We’ve made enhancements across the board! Board 2.0 now includes a smoother drag-and-drop functionality, multi-column pipelines, and a warning message when moving issues from normal priority to high priority. 

Saved Views

This is another highly requested feature that saves you a lot of time. The saved view feature enables you to apply a set of filters to your board and save that board configuration as a Saved View for easy access. 


Figma, Miro & Loom Embeds

Boost collaboration by embedding Figma, Miro, or Loom files into Zenhub. Miro and Figma embeds in Zenhub display a preview of the content from the file. Loom embeds enable users to watch full videos inside Zenhub – no more tab switching! 

GitHub Productivity Insights

GitHub Productivity Insights is a new dashboard that shows you 6 productivity metrics based on your team’s activities in GitHub. Get quick views of: Issue Completion %, Average Issue Cycle Time, Issue Completion Ratio, PR Throughput, Average Code Review Time, and PR Merge Ratio. 

And that’s a wrap! Tell us what you think…

There you have it, folks! Your feedback is our secret sauce, and we can’t wait to hear your thoughts on the latest updates. So, what’s the word on Zenhub Enterprise 4.0? Give us a shout at our product portal for any feedback or feature requests you may have. 

Remember, this update is not just for technical team members – Zenhub Issues enables collaboration with your non-technical teammates, too. So, let your marketing, product, and customer service buddies join the fun and invite them to your Zenhub organization! 

If you hit a snag or need a nudge in the right direction with our new features, our support team is always around for a quick chat. You can connect with one of our CS members here. Keep the good ideas coming, and let’s keep revolutionizing teamwork together!

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