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New in ‘Confetti Moments’: New Features, Performance Improvements, and Bug-Fixes

2019 has been quite the year for ZenHub! Thanks to our community of users who continue to support us with regular feedback through surveys, direct outreach, and our User Portal, we’ve been improving and adding new capabilities to ZenHub’s platform. Most recently, we launched ZenHub Roadmaps, the first and only product roadmapping solution inside of GitHub that drives team alignment and increases transparency into the progress being made on key software projects.

As we gear up for next year, we want to celebrate our last round of ‘Confetti Moments.’ It includes new features added, performance improvements, as well as fixing a few well-known issues.

Let’s take a glimpse at what we released:

  • Markdown text editor – A better way for styling Issues: Information in ZenHub Issues can be challenging to understand without proper styling. While we allow users to style their content using markdown in a free form text field, the process isn’t easy for the uninitiated. To solve this problem we’ve decided to introduce a robust markdown text editor with a quick access tool-bar that will make styling your Issues a breeze.

  • See the full title for long organization and repo names: Finding the organization or repo you want can be annoying due to long titles hurting readability. More often than expected we find ourselves somewhere we didn’t intend to be. To save time and reduce this frustration with organization names being cut off because of limited space, you can now hover over repos to reveal the extended title.

  • Filtering by real names using the assignee filter: Some common tasks such as managing ticket assignment, planning, and filtering, can become daunting and time-consuming when we don’t know everyone’s GitHub usernames which can vary wildly from our colleague’s real names. To help teams save time, users can now filter by real names using the assignee filter.

  • Upgrading the Velocity report: We are working on large changes to our backend and the Velocity report was the first piece we were able to upgrade to our new infrastructure. This substantially improved loading times for teams with a large number of Milestones. Keep an eye out for more updates around performance improvements and a breakdown of how these changes will impact and enhance your ZenHub experience.

ZenHub Roadmaps Improvements

We are committed to making ZenHub the most flexible and lightweight project management and product roadmaps solution, and we continue to work relentlessly to achieve this goal. Since ZenHub Roadmaps launch last month, we improved the solution based on your feedback and shipped:

  • The ability to view organization-wide Projects – Users can now view all Workspace Roadmaps in one place. Check out the tabs in the top left of the Roadmap to view Projects from related Workspaces.
  • Read-only permissions – We have updated the Project and Epic rows to better show what you have and don’t have access to.
  • Performance enhancements – For teams moving to Roadmaps to plan future work, UI elements are only rendered when they’re on your screen meaning less stress on your computer and no motion sickness when scrolling.
  • Bug-fix for Safari users – Fixed a bug with the sidebar where it wouldn’t stay stuck to the left side of the Roadmap. It’s fixed now and will follow you around everywhere you go.

What’s next?

As always, we’re excited to bring all these features and improvements to our users and we will continue listening to your feedback in our public User Portal. Check out the full list of performance improvements we are currently working on, and if you have more feedback or want to see what’s next for Roadmaps take a look here.

After Roadmaps, our most requested features are offering our users a sprint planning view and workflow automation. We are aware of how much these two features mean to our users and we are excited to bring them to you soon. Our hope is they will ease project managers and agile process owners’ day-to-day life inside of ZenHub. Stay tuned!

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